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Ace the ISEE Upper Level with Top-Rated Prep Material


The ISEE Upper Level, one of the main private high school entrance exams, is a challenging test covering a wide range of concepts. That’s why we’ve created comprehensive and effective test prep resources for the exam, including a practice workbook with over 2500 practice problems and three full-length practice tests, a comprehensive video course covering every topic in our workbook, and free study notes.


Practice Workbook

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ISEE Upper Level: 2500 + Practice Questions

Feel prepared on test day with our comprehensive practice workbook. With over 2500 practice questions, three full-length practice tests, and detailed answer solutions for every question, our book is the most comprehensive ISEE Upper Level prep book on the market.


Video Courses

Comprehensive Course

ISEE Upper Level

$399  $199

Improve your ISEE scores by over 40 percentile points with 30+ hours of expert-taught video lessons.

Best Results

Strategy Course

ISEE Upper Level


Boost your scores with key test-taking strategies for every section of the ISEE Upper Level. 

Free Vides

Free Videos

The quantitative reasoning and mathematics achievement sections of the ISEE Upper Level are challenging for students. Our math youtube channel, Partners in Prime, contains videos covering some of the most common math topics that show up on the ISEE Upper Level. 

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Make ISEE Prep Fun!

Add, subtract, multiply, & divide in this fast-paced card game.

Since students can’t use a calculator while taking the ISEE, they need to feel confident with their mental math skills. Our math game, Target, not only helps sharpen your mental math skills, but also boosts your confidence in math and improves your math fluency, all while having fun!

Study Notes

Free Study Notes

Click each image below to download study notes for some of the most common math topics on the ISEE Upper Level. 

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