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Make math fun for the whole family!

Make math fun for the whole family with Target: a fast-paced, award-winning mental math game that is great for kids ages 8 and up, teachers, tutors, and even adults! Perfect for remote learning, homeschool math, family game nights, and more!


"So much better than a worksheet!"

"Great design! Fun game! After playing it with my 10 year old son who does not look forward to practicing his math skills, these were his direct quotes: 'That was actually really fun! Can we play again? This is so much better than a worksheet. My brain hurts from all that math, but in a good way.'

- Kevin, Parent

"I ordered three sets!"

"I ordered three sets. I played this with my six-grade class several times. They seem to enjoy it. It is very engaging, and they are working hard to get an equation that equals the target number. I also played this with my family. They liked it. My nephews who are math whizzes beat me all the time. I definitely would recommend this game to help children build their math minds."

-Janel K., Teacher

"Thank you for making math fun!"

My 3rd grader is currently struggling with math and this has her asking to "please do math". This has given her much confidence and as she's trying to find ways to get to the target she is practicing so much. Once we are more confident we may play against each other. But either way the game is well made and there are few games that cover all: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Thank you for making math fun again!

-Anna, Parent

How to Play

Make an equation

Use your white cards, along with +, -, x, and ÷, to make an equation equaling the number on the black card.

Wix Instructions 2.png

Shout, "Target!"

The first player to make an equation equaling the black card shouts, "Target!", pausing the game.

Wix Instructions 3.png

Show your equation

Explain your equation to the other players, who each check your work to make sure it's correct.

Wix Instructions 4.png

Keep the black card

Keep the black cards you make. The first player to collect 5 black cards wins the game!

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Instructional Video

Instructional Video

How to Play Target
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