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Leveling the playing field with effective & affordable educational resources.

At Elevate Prep, our mission is simple: provide students with effective and affordable educational resources. We help students prepare for private school entrance exams, master math concepts, and build confidence through expert-taught video lessons, comprehensive practice material, and engaging math games. Created by education experts with 15+ years of experience, our resources have helped thousands of students succeed in school, on standardized tests, and outside the classroom.


Meet Our Founder

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Lisa, the founder of Elevate Prep, graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Product Design. In high school and college, she actually enjoyed studying for tests, and her favorite week in school was finals week. (We know ... weird!) Since she loved studying so much, she decided to pursue a career in helping students learn how to study and succeed academically.
After working in the tutoring industry for 10 years, she realized there weren't many effective and affordable educational resources for students who couldn't afford private tutoring. That's why she started Elevate Prep with the goal of providing students with accessible, effective, and affordable educational resources. Now she runs Elevate Prep and creates books, courses, games, and other educational resources for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Explore Our Products


We believe that the key to academic success is to practice, practice, and practice some more! That's why our books contain comprehensive curriculums that are proven to help students succeed.

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Before students practice, they need to learn! That's why we offer expert-taught video courses for the ISEE Upper Level. Each course is taught by our founder, Lisa, and includes video lessons and practice exercises.

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Learning should be fun! That's why we've created an educational card game that helps students practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mental math in a fun and engaging way!

  • Where can I find the answer solutions to your test prep books?
    Answer solutions for each book can be found on their respective topic pages and on our "Books and Courses" page.
  • Do you offer answer solutions for previous editions of your book?
    Yes! We only post the answer solutions to our most recent editions on our website, but if you’d like the answer solutions for a previous edition of one of our books, please send us an email at
  • I think I’ve found a mistake in one of your books. Can I contact you about this?
    Yes! We are committed to creating effective and accurate content, so please let us know if you’ve found an error in any of our books by emailing us at
  • What test prep courses do you offer?
    We currently offer a strategy course and a comprehensive video course for the ISEE Upper Level, but we offer books and other resources for the ISEE Lower Level, ISEE Middle Level, and HSPT exam. You can find resources for each test on their respective topic pages.
  • Do you offer private tutoring?
    Yes! If you’re interested in learning more about our tutoring options, email us at
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