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6 Must Do’s the Week Before the ISEE

The big day is almost here! You’ve spent months preparing for the ISEE, and you’re one week away from taking your official test. You’ve learned dozens of new topics, taken multiple practice tests, studied hundreds of vocabulary words, spent countless hours studying, and now you have one week left until you put your new skills to the test. With all of the hard work you’ve put in over the past few months, you want to make sure you go into the test with a clear head and confidence, so here are six things to do the week before the test to make sure you are ready for the big day!

1. Get Enough Sleep

This is one of the most important things to do the week before the test. In order to go into test day with a clear head and confidence, you need to be well-rested. For the entire week before the test, make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep. This may mean cutting back on tv and video games and going to sleep a little bit earlier each night, but it will definitely pay off on test day!

2. Exercise

It might not seem that important, but exercising boosts your mood, lowers your stress levels, and helps you focus. It also helps you sleep well! Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day during the week before the test. You can go on a walk with your dog, jog around the neighborhood, or play sports with your friends: it doesn’t matter what activity you choose, just get moving!

3. Eat Well

Similar to exercise, eating well can help you stay focused and boost your energy going into your test. Add an extra serving of fruits and vegetables to your meals the week before the test, and make sure to eat a healthy and filling breakfast the morning of your test. The test is long, and your brain needs fuel to stay focused!

4. Study 30 Minutes Each Day

While you don’t want to cram in everything the week before the test, you should still be studying for 30 minutes per day. Focus on your weaker areas and do some extra practice. If you really struggled with reading comprehension, complete a few practice passages each night. Not feeling confident with the verbal section? Study your vocabulary words. If math is your least favorite section, complete practice problems from topics that are tough for you. You can also make a short list of things to remember going into test day, such as math formulas, test taking strategies, etc. Study this list each day leading up to the test and look over it the morning of the test.

5. Relax

This one is important! You’ve put in the work. You’ve studied hard for months. You deserve to relax a little! Watch your favorite tv show; play a game with your family; go out with your friends. Do something that you enjoy the week before the test. This will help boost your mood and clear your head before the big day.

6. Give Yourself A Pep Talk

Pep talks may sound silly, but they are surprisingly important when going into a big test. If you play sports, you’ve probably gotten pep talks from your coaches right before a big game. You need to do the same thing before this test: you need to feel confident going into test day, so pump yourself up! Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror; put on your favorite song and dance around your room; ask your parents or tutor to give you a pep talk if you can’t do it yourself. Whatever it is, make sure you feel confident and ready when you walk into your test. You got this!


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