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We help student elevate their confidence, test scores, and academic curiosity with effective and affordable workbooks, courses, games, and more! 

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"I'm in a job where I deal a lot with standardized testing. So when my kid had to take this test, I bought several practice books. This one is hands down the best. First, it provides a ton of practice questions for each section. Second, it provides full length tests. Third -- and most importantly -- the associated website has detailed answers on how to do each problem if you get stuck AND provides links to videos on You Tube and other sites that explain the different math techniques." - J. Manor, Parent

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"As an ISEE coach, I spend lots of time trying to find the right materials to use with my students. I found this book extremely useful and have had success with it! Yes, many of the math problems are not multiple choice. However, I think that is actually MORE helpful because it helps my students actually learn the math rather than simply know how to answer a multiple choice question. I use the practice tests to work on multiple choice skills. You cannot find a better book out there!" - Adam W., ISEE Coach

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"This book is a home run!! I'm a math tutor who works with kids of all ages and have seen/used dozens of prep books over the years. This book is well organized and has a wide array of both routine and more challenging problems covering many content areas. I have used it both for standardized test preparation and simply to work on foundational skill-building and/or problem-solving strategies. I would HIGHLY recommend it." - Jen K., Tutor

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"I purchased this product for my grandchild. Since she has been working in this book, she has learned so much and has build her confidence. Her teacher even noticed an improvement. Two thumbs up!" - Julie J., Parent

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Improve your ISEE scores by over 40 percentile points with 30+ hours of expert-taught video lessons.

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Boost your scores with key test-taking strategies for every section of the ISEE Upper Level. 


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"I ordered three sets!"

"I ordered three sets. I played this with my sixth grade class several times. They seem to enjoy it. It is very engaging, and they are working hard to get an equation that equals the target number. I also played this with my family. They liked it. My nephews who are math whizzes beat me all the time. I definitely would recommend this game to help children build their math minds." - Janel K., Teacher

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Our math YouTube channel, Partners in Prime, was started by our founder, Lisa, and her brother, Rob. Both Lisa and Rob have been tutoring students in math for over 15 years and love creating free math videos for students of all ages. Watch some of our videos below, or view our channel on YouTube: View Channel

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